Dr. Daniel Bloom theorizes that time travel is indeed possible.  Only after the death of his Love is he determined to break the laws of time and space and travel back to save her from her own death.  What adventures will time hold for Dr. Bloom, will he be able to save his beloved Sara?  Tune in every month to find out.


Timebelt™ is an ongoing original series airing every month on www.Channel101.com - Timebelt Episodes  




Overview of all episodes:


Episode 1:  "Just a theory"

Episode 2: "Got Any Micro-transistors?"

Episode 3:  "Hitler!"

Episode 4:  "Can I Tell You a Story?"

Episode 5:  "Oh $h!+, Zombies!"

Episode 6:  "Computerman, Kill Dr. Bloom!"

Episode 7:  "You will see her again..."

Episode 8:  "I'm not gonna lose you again"



1 Featuring:
Chris Tallman
Kurt Scholler
Catherine Perkins

Episode 1: "Just a Theory"

Dr. Daniel Bloom finally works up enough nerve to talk to his long time crush Dr. Sara Becker.  He is shocked to find out she has feelings for him, and a young love develops.  Unfortunately she is only hours away from an important trip to the moon and she leaves Dr. Bloom to his work on his theories about time travel.


When Dr. Bloom learns of his beloved's fate nothing can stop him from bringing his dreams to reality.  Nothing can keep him from being with his Sara, not even the boundaries of time.  Dr. Bloom rushes his experiments through and develops a belt that he can use to travel through time.



2 Featuring:
Chris Tallman
Derek Mears
Maria Lay
Rob Schrab

Episode 2: "Got Any Micro-transistors?"

Dr. Bloom’s experiments pay off; he actually was able to travel through time.  But his untested device malfunctions hurtling him through time to an unknown time and place.


When he finally stops his travels he realizes his machine is broken and seeks repairs.  He also finds out knowledge of his invention has spread into the future and it has made him and his Timebelt™ an object of great desire. 


Through his cunning and toughness he is able to escape a mad man's iron clutches and make the necessary repairs to his Timebelt™.  Just as he completes his final repair he is visited from another time traveler, he now knows he is not alone and others are after him and his knowledge - but why?


Will his untested experiment prove to be the key to saving Sara's life or will it bring about his own destruction?  Dr. Daniel Bloom does not care; he must try at any cost!



3 Guest Starring:
Cynthia Calley
Tricia Clark
Jennifer Flack
Andy Goldblatt
Jeremy Carter as Hitler

Episode 3: "Hitler!"

Could it be true, could this Montague wimp really have bested Bloom sometime in the future?  Before Montague can explain he vanishes leaving many questions unanswered.  Dr. Bloom realizes there is no room for error now – he must find a way to save Sarah. 


Hoping his next jump would lead him closer to his goal he could not have guessed where and when he was going to show up.  Bloom quickly realizes he has stumbled into grave danger, an evil of which the world has rarely seen.  Hitler! 


Hitler wants the power of the Timebelt™ and only some quick thinking and fast action can save Bloom.  Is he up the challenge? Can he escape with his life?  Watch this months exciting episode to find out!



4 Guest Starring:
Lyndon Smith
Shanna Fleischhacker
Brian Bishop

Episode 4: "Can I Tell You a Story?"

Victory.  Or so it would appear.  Doctor Bloom has finally done it, he has saved Sarah and married her.  Doctor Bloom finds himself in a perfect place, in his future with Sarah as his wife and their young son Jack.  Nothing could be better.  But are things too perfect?  Is Dr. Bloom’s subconscious try to tell him something?


There are many questions in this episode.  Can our hero put the puzzle pieces together before it is too late?  You will not believe your eyes.  Pay close attention and hold on tight.



5 Featuring:
Chris Tallman
Paget Brewster
Todd Bishop - cameo

Episode 5:  "Oh $h!+, Zombies!"

Dr. Bloom narrowly escapes certain death at the hands of the mind altering closet monster only to be thrust into more peril. 


Has he jumped to a parallel universe with a different timeline than his own?  Is the world doomed to be infested with flesh eating zombies?  Bloom doesn’t have time to ponder these recent events because he is too busy running for his life.


If not for the help of a combat trained, hot, and gun toting vixen Bloom might have been done for.  But Bloom’s ticket out of this nightmare has been stolen.  He will need to go to the very pit of hell to get it back.  Lock and load for the next thrilling Timebelt episode.



6 Featuring:
Chris Tallman
Jack Black
Dan Harmon
Rob Schrab

Episode 6:  "Computerman, Kill Dr. Bloom!"

Our lovable hero finds himself lost in space with a strange duo.  Has Dr. Bloom found new friends that can help him fix his Timebelt so he can continue his mission, or is there a traitor among them?


All hell breaks lose with the addition of an unexpected visitor from Bloom's past (or future) - Montague.  How can this be, what could have lead to this amazing turn of events, what possible course of action can Dr. Bloom take to make sure his fate is not sealed by the devious Montague.


You will be shocked and surprised by a betrayal that can only be fought with the power of love.

7 Featuring:
Chris Tallman
Erinn Carter
Claudia Dolph
Jennifer Flack

Episode 7:  "You will see her again..."

We find our hero in dire straights - no belt, no Sarah, no hope.  Things turn from bad to worse when Bloom is attacked by pre-historic dinosaurs.  The only thing stranger than running from dinosaurs is what he ran into next - Amazon women.  Where could these creatures have come from?  Is there any hope left in Dr. Bloom to carry mission to save Sarah?


Don't give up hope now, the next installment promises it will answer all your questions... could it be the final chapter?



8 Featuring:
Chris Tallman
Catherine Perkins


"I'm not gonna lose you again"

There was not much hope left for Dr. Bloom when last we saw him.  New revelations await the comatose Dr. Bloom when he is revived from his slumber.  Could it be, was it his own actions that caused time to stray tragically off course?  What can he do to right what has been set wrong?


Dr. Bloom makes one last leap through time to save his beloved Sarah.  Could it be that she is the key to stopping the creation of the Timebelt and sparing the world from the tyranny of the evil Montague?  Some questions will answered others will remain a mystery for you to ponder, but Dr. Bloom will do the right thing to save the world and save his soul in the process.